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ArcheoMod - Play the game!

Use your imagination and creativity to interactively dive into a new world.

The Antikythera Mechanism is sometimes not regarded as a proper computer, but rather as a calculator. The difference between the two is that a calculator has a fixed set of operations, unlike a computer which is truly programmable.

What would you say however, about a programmable analogue computer? On your desk? Without even using electricity.

The ArcheoMod offers a full suite:

  • It introduces you to ideas such as programming and parallel computing with real objects and not abstract operations or pieces of code.
  • It enables you to make your own complete Antikythera mechanism, the most impressive ancient technological achievement. All this in a modern modular way and in under one hour! You may also include your own extra functions to it!
  • Make your own planetarium of the solar system, with true retrograde planetary motions!
  • Or follow the steps of the Pythagoreans, Archimedes, Pascal, Fibonacci etc.
  • Only your imagination can limit you in this educational game!